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Friday, 18 January 2013 • 14:04 • 2 black leave(s)

assalamualaikum :D

hey guys..mid semester exam is over, TESL night finally came to the end of the day..and yeahh am happy..what a month. a very hectic tiring month..soon, i'll be getting involve with the launching of School of Education and Social Sciences in MSU. loads of assignments are coming up pretty sure. plus the final examinations of semester two. well, i'll spend most of the weekend with my family and that's the happiest thing starting next week. :D yyaaayyyy me.. am the EMCEE of the night together with another two course mates.

oh ya..the organization of TESL Night is actually a charity night, helping the Multiple Sclerosis Malaysian Society.

 let the pictures of TESL night talk. :D

e.n.d :)

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heyy, it's a great pleasure to have you here | i use manglish as my main language | i am a barrister who speaks for you in the court of I AM SYAZWINA's law. and yet i dont have any qualm about asking you to leave my page regarding whatever matters :) | i am a vociferous in ryhme! | :)

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