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Wednesday, 7 August 2013 • 16:03 • 0 black leave(s)

Syawal tahun ini disambut serba sederhana. Tapi aku tetap excited nak balik kampung. Almaklum, ibu ayah la cinta hati. Di mana ada ibu ayah, di situ lah aku akan pergi. Tahun ni tahun pertama tanpa arwah wan. Serba tak kena rasa. Pusing kiri teringat arwah. Jalan depan teringat usikan, pusing belakang teringat kegemaran arwah di pagi raya, apatah lagi bila betul betul teringat arwah. Senyuman kegembiraan berkumpul bersama anak cucunya. Semoga wan tenang di sana. al fatihah😊 ibu is going to serve us with her laksa johor tomorrow insyaAllah. How i wish am not in malaysia now. I just need to go far away to find myself. Mungkin untuk belajar menjadi muslimah yang sebenar. Untuk mencari ketenangan membawa perubahan dalam diri. Semoga istiqamah dalam segala hal. Juga perlu jauh agar mereka di sekeliling terasa selesa. Semoga Allah terus membantu hambanya. amin insyaAllahz salam aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin.

Friday, 28 June 2013 • 18:15 • 0 black leave(s)

HI HI HI bloggers.. :) i've just realized how long i haven't updated a single thing here. it's been 3 months since i last wrote about my late grandpa..and here I am...updating you.
i've just started my third semester as a TESL student a month ago.. 2nd semester's result has treated me quite well alhamdulillah..a lil bit of improvement though it wasn't the best one that i could have achieved.   currently waiting for my short semester's result. truth be told the result is driving me nuts here for keep me waiting. and i hate waiting! haha. am still hoping for the best as i've done my best so far. *may Allah bless me* 
loads of things happened actually.. and thank Allah for giving me opportunities to do everything that i would have wanted to do. i've been given chances to be the university's master ceremony for two events and Alhamdulillah am still improving to develop my skills. theater thingy, school's events and more to come InsyaAllah..
my youngest uncle and his wife had safely left Malaysia for London last May. we are missing both of them. 
my parents are doing great there in my hometown and i bet they are in their second honeymoon phase since there's nobody else at home. ^^
Ameen is coming back to malaysia next month anddddddddd YAAYYYYYY ME! haha. all the best for finals..go doc!

as for myself, nothing else is in my mind except for giving my two hundred and ten percents in my studies. i just want to be the best and prove everyone that am going to succeed. and i believe that the road to success for me isn't a JUMP, it's a steady incline from one successful project !

i'll be updating you from time to time,
love, syzshhrr.

seven month.
Wednesday, 27 March 2013 • 22:03 • 0 black leave(s)

it's been seven month since the day he left us :) he left us with smile and bless back in August 2012.. the one whom i love most. i've been missing him all this while. may Allah bless him :) i miss his smile.. oh Allah it's not easy to face all this. I LOVE YOU GRANDPA :) AL-FATIHAH.

A Moment in Time
Friday, 18 January 2013 • 14:04 • 2 black leave(s)

assalamualaikum :D

hey guys..mid semester exam is over, TESL night finally came to the end of the day..and yeahh am happy..what a month. a very hectic tiring month..soon, i'll be getting involve with the launching of School of Education and Social Sciences in MSU. loads of assignments are coming up pretty sure. plus the final examinations of semester two. well, i'll spend most of the weekend with my family and that's the happiest thing starting next week. :D yyaaayyyy me.. am the EMCEE of the night together with another two course mates.

oh ya..the organization of TESL Night is actually a charity night, helping the Multiple Sclerosis Malaysian Society.

 let the pictures of TESL night talk. :D

e.n.d :)

come back
Wednesday, 12 December 2012 • 15:49 • 3 black leave(s)

i think i shall start writing again..i've been genuinely ignored blogging recently. well, i have started my second semester and it's dragging my inner+outer laziness. All i bother to do is giving a pay of visit to you.

second semester is going on smoothly and i can say that am enjoying every part of learning the language education. mid semester is coming up very soon with all the assignment(s), assessment(s) and quizzes dancing and giggling around shamelessly. haha. i had been quite passive last semester and i learned something through my quiet observation. so, what am i doing for this semester is, being active, participating in every lil things either during tutorial or mass lecture. questions the lecturers for the lectures that am not sure of and giving feed-backs. then only i could judge my level of understanding and proficiency itself.

my last semester break went on fantastically and fully used without me being wandered. am going to have the youngest aunt in the house in 2 months time insyaAllah. not forget to mention here is am going to have upper braces next wednesday.'s been nearly 3months since ameen left for Egypt. hopefully everything goes well until the next six years insyaAllah. he's doing great there and still struggling with his 3rd module of examination tomorrow and on his way of experiencing 1st winter in Egypt i guess. may Allah bless.

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