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Selamat Hari Lahir Wina. 20th birthday.
Tuesday, 6 November 2012 • 16:16 • 2 black leave(s)


13 days left before the end of semester break..
9 days left before i leave home to continue 2nd semester.

and heyy.. am gonna have braces for upper teeth the day after tomorrow.  yaaayyyyy..

I'M ALREADY twenty!

YESSS...i've celebrated my 20th Birthday during Eid Adha. Alhamdulillah..
and the first raya without my late grandpa. Al Fatihah. how i miss him.
first raya without Ameen in Malaysia. *wina is so strong* haha

--> ibu and ayah gave me EQUALLY LOVE and those things i need in this world.
--> ameen gave me uncountable SUPPORT and love.
--> maklong gave me perfume miniature.
--> kak wan (soon to be my youngest aunt) gave me fossil purse.
--> dina gave me hair clips and t shirt.
--> ida gave me PIANO mug! am in love with the mug!. haha
--> maisarah gave me something that i dont know how to describe here. haha
--> new white watch from ibu as well :D
--> mini cheese cake from CHEF IKHWAN :P
--> and the most precious wishes from FAMILY and FRIENDS.

<-- more soon. hahahahaha.

thank you so much everyone. *HUGS*

i had a tremendous short vacation few days after am back in Kedah.. with dina and mates.
more to go after this. bandung/bangkok/aussie? *kira duit kejap*

perhaps am through my journey of becoming a muslimah solehah. insyaAllah.
may Allah bless.

i'm still waiting for my result and so excited to start school. may Allah ease through out the whole journey. Amin.

Happy 20th Birthday Wina

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heyy, it's a great pleasure to have you here | i use manglish as my main language | i am a barrister who speaks for you in the court of I AM SYAZWINA's law. and yet i dont have any qualm about asking you to leave my page regarding whatever matters :) | i am a vociferous in ryhme! | :)

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