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A year with A step mother.
Thursday, 5 April 2012 • 17:46 • 21 black leave(s)

it might sounds a bit ridiculous and exaggerating here. but i'm afraid it's a NO.

thru my nearly 20 years experience as a living human on earth, i must say this is one of the experience that i'd love to thank Allah the most.

back to 2006 if i'm not mistaken, i did had a step mom. my dad married her with my mom's permission. even my mom did all the tradition thingy. she's a teacher with the same age as my dad.
and this marriage somehow affect my studies eventho i got no problem with them. my step mom actually do have a daughter with her late husband who passed away decades ago.

my acception towards this marriage at first seemed to be the most horrible feelings . my parents actually didnt inform me about this marriage until they settled everything. i felt a lil neglected. laconically, i can't accept this marriage. Loathing the thought of having another members in my family, i didnt talk to my dad nearly a month :D i admit, i was completely oblivious of all the trouble i had caused. the day i was told about this marriage, i laughed in front both of  my parents cause i thought they were joking around. i tried to pretend everything was okay and seriously i kept on laughing, i stood up and ran as fast as i could into my room.. but my mom grabbed hold my arm. i knew she knew i'm a little out of control by that moment. i was trying to hide under my piano and let go all the miserable emotions. i cried too much.( enough to wash your car i guess :D) but ibu, she's too strong. and even my dad's mom can't accept this marriage.. she would cry each time she looked at ibu's face. ibu never taught me to hate my step mom. slowly sooner, after i endeavoured to accept all these thing, amazingly i did it with ibu's help. Alhamdulillah.

ibu, she's the most wonderful woman that i own for the rest of my life. she's just too strong. she didnt showed off her sadness that she terribly felt inside. but, i saw she's crying after performed the solat and during doa(for sure she didnt noticed i knew about ths)..she kept everything sound and safe with her. she's also the one who
talked to my grandpa and grandma to accept her new partner.

but now it's all over. dad divorced my stepmom a year after their marriage.
Allah has set up everything perfectly neat.

i'm glad ayah never take ibu's good deeds for granted. he did asked for permissions. he took good care of us during his life with two wives, a daughter and a step daughter.
may Allah bless ibu and ayah forever. Amin.

attention: please dont degrade your step mom(if you do have one) cause no matter how bad she is, she's still your mom, your dad's wife. respect her the way you respect your biological mom. the second marriage happened without anybody's fault and dont you ever blame anyone.

sebaik-baik apa yang kita rancang, Allah telah pun merancang yang sebaiknya.
..moral value..
Allah will alway be with us,
no matter dark and dull

i've learnt a lot thru these pleasant experience. may I have the strength that Allah gave ibu to face my future that is heading in front.

dear my future husband in six to seven years time:
i've no idea on how strong i am if i need to face the same situation as ibu did. i might not be as strong as her or i might be wayyy strong than her..but i can promise you i'll learn and keep on learning to be the most wonderful wife. if it's destined that i need to face the same situation as ibu did, insyaAllah i will face it with a very strong heart .


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