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piano pianissimo :D
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heyyaa..i just wanna share. :D that's the book for 7th grade student. and yeah that's the book that i've been using and practising for about nearly 3month since i started back my lessons after a short break for stpm. every week i was caught with non focus practising  haha.. i tried to give my unacceptable and unlogicable excuses and i dare doing that the most! :D this is for malaysia and singapore edition.

the notes above is one of the pieces that i've just cropped and needa be played for the upcoming exam. for the sake of my money that has been paid, i need to work hard la kan..

here are few information for those who're interested in playing musical instruments major in piano!
--->it's divided into two categories which are practical and theory.
--->you need to start with a basic pieces. normally we use either C.D.E.F.G.A.B.C or     DO.RE.MI.FA.SO.LA.TI.DO
--->there are 8 levels. but we do start with the preparatory test and then only grade 1 untill 8.
--->every single certificate is conducted by the Association Board of The Royal School of Music(ABRSM) or TRINITY. mine is under ABRSM.
---> you need at least a year to finish each level.
--->fees are increasing due to the additional level.
--->fees for each exm also increase due to the additional grades.
--->you can just enroll your degree straight away after spm with a minimum of grade 5.
--->plussss! you are able to get a scholarship with a minimum of grade 5 and continue your music education abroad. no lies!.
--->focus and PASSIONATE are the most countable factors!
--->you need to past at least with grade5 of theory exam to continue with grade6 of practical exam. it's a must!

my long way journey in music education.

hello.i'm wina :d haha..sound pretty sarcastic aint..i first started my music education when i was 4 with junior music course(JMC) after being introduced by my super momma. JMC is a class where all students in that course gathered all together and learn in a class. it was fun. unfortunately i'm not capable of couping with that kind of learning method. so, my mom took me to join the personal class when i was 9. that was how i move on till now..i should actually finish my 8th grade 3years ago but it's been delayed for reasons. i didnt take myself for any music examination during my UPSR< PMR <SPM..haha..anyway, i just have grade6 of theory exam and i dont think of furthering much farther in theory cause it's killing me. :D insyaAllah I will be graduated as the 8th grader pianist by the end of next year.
tell ya!
eyes! ears! fingers! hands! legs! play an important role in music education.

and i know, you might question me about the ISLAMIC RULES in playing any musical instruments. insyaAllah, i'll write about it soon.

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