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Friday, 2 March 2012 • 22:46 • 2 black leave(s)

i wish i could just escape from A to Z. i dont wanna take myself in what ever thingy that could drag me into a horrible and stressful mind. well sharing doesnt mean caring..all the way, sharing sometimes might change people's perception towards one. sharing a good thing would probably be the most perfect thoughts. but sharing something about the uneasy feelings and etc, would absolutly goes wrong.

you won't realise that. but people! they do. every single word that came out from our mouth is just precious.

but, sometimes it helps us. it's good if you got someone to share with.. but just ONE person..that doesnt mean if you have 2 or more best friends, then you share with all of them.. one is just enough. telling others about your problem wont help you'll just show off other's weaknesses..

i know the decision of sharing thing was partly driven by a stressful mind and they need somebody to voice out everything that tightly hold in one's mind.

at this moment, i wish i have nobody except for my parents. so that i know no one and people wont care about me..people wont talk about me. people wont share my weaknesses. people wont judge me. people wont compare me.

why dont all of you think twice before sharing something with someone else? yes. if you got to share, you'll feel much better, but ..without realising one thing! you'll hurt someone for sure.

people wont remember everything. but I. I do. yes, you dont remember about it. never until i let you know.
i got exam tomorrow. and i dont even bother about it.

can i just hide? hiding in what ever circumstances. i wish i could! unfortunately! i can't. .


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heyy, it's a great pleasure to have you here | i use manglish as my main language | i am a barrister who speaks for you in the court of I AM SYAZWINA's law. and yet i dont have any qualm about asking you to leave my page regarding whatever matters :) | i am a vociferous in ryhme! | :)

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