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alhamdulillah =) atokenofappreciation!
Thursday, 8 March 2012 • 13:06 • 4 black leave(s)

finally, it had been released yesterday.. yes am a tad dissapointed with my result..but alhamdulillah it's still enough for me to have tesl or law as my choices for the university application. Alhamdulillah.

proudly saying here, congratulations to LEE JIA CHERN..he was my classmate back to school time and he scored 4flat. and yes he'd been annouced as the best KEDAH's STPM student in tv 3 news yesterday night. congratulations!

congratulations to NUR IDAEDANI  too for being one of the top scorer in our just so proud of you:D

and not to forget, congatulations to all of you..we rock our year.! and there will always a way for us to move forward. am gonna miss all of you. and thanks for brighten my days.

thanks to ibu and ayah! i just love you..nothing much i can say except for thanks for everything.! <3..
thanks to you! TEACHERS!. i'am nothing without all of you. i'll work hard! =)
thanks to ameen too..=)
everyone who kept on supporting me all this while. thanks to you too aunty. =)

i love all of you!!!! *hugs*

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heyy, it's a great pleasure to have you here | i use manglish as my main language | i am a barrister who speaks for you in the court of I AM SYAZWINA's law. and yet i dont have any qualm about asking you to leave my page regarding whatever matters :) | i am a vociferous in ryhme! | :)

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