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Thursday, 2 February 2012 • 09:25 • 7 black leave(s)'s february..exactly 3weeks left before i started glued the braces on my lower teeth for years perhaps. every scenes come and go, so do I. and so the result :D frankly, i bank for it! i can't bear facing my effort ended in failure. and i wanna march abreast with the law, med, architecture, engine and soo etc students.

i want to hold my own degree---------->doctorate. but still i want to get married earlier :D
i want my B.A Hons Law...insyaAllah..Amin=)

okay, i'd love to share with you a bit about continuing study after spm!.
there're actually bunches of choices..
5.A-level. -another side-

-if you got straight A's,  there's no need to worry even a single thing!
-if you got 6a's and above, the chances of being offered for foundation and matriculation is very high indeed.
-and to go with stpm, there's a very low requirement where you just need to pass with 5subject.
-diploma-depend on course.
-A-level-depend on result.

-foundation and A-level is the best after all if you're a high achiever. foundation would take approximately a year.
-you got to save your time there.
-but for those who got 4a's and above, and you're thinking of taking foundation in law, you might have to spend nearly 1 and a half years.
-it's a MUST to work hard for it.

-there's a possiblity to go with matriculation even you just got 3A's in your hands..
-it is divided into two..  1 is just a year and the second one might take 2 years of duration..

-as i said before, you just need a very low requirement. there is no other entrance as long as you're aware. the syllabus is most likely the matriculation syllabus. but, stpm is much more difficult.
-the duration is just 1 and a half years.
-you need to wear school uniform :D teheeee..
-anyway, most of them thought that after stpm, u need to go with diploma first. but you're totally wrong!
-insyaAllah, for those who pass the exam successfully, you'll continue your journey with degree.
take note!

-the duration is 3years but sometimes if you got the fast track course, you might save half years there.. means two and a half years.

-A level is damn awesome for those who got straight A's and being offered for scholarship. and most probably you'd be continuing your degree abroad.
-it's quite hard because they usually use the British format. ;D
-a year duration and some might need half years addenda.
-well, for those who aren't sponsored by scholarship, please!! it a MUST to have a stable income. it'd cost loadssss of money there.

anyway, these would be extra information who wish to continue with STPM!
but i bet most of you anxiously say NO to stpm :D
i am the 2011 stpm candidate.
please! dont you ever underestimate us..proudly telling you, most of us consist of the spm high achievers.
especially the chinese. and we had to compete with them..few of them were the straight A's student.
and yes no doubt, few of us were not succeed enough in spm..however, we make a move, work hard, and study smart to be as excellent as the foundation/matriculation/diploma and A-level students. :) insyaAllah the coming result would bring another bright future to all of us=) amin. with stpm, you're a step in university. being a school student at the age of 18-19 was awesome! and that would be the most memorable moment ever in your life. come on!! look forward.
take note!
where ever you wish to continue, that doesnt matter! it's all depend on you. you work hard, you get the cash to pay for the next step! may you be blessed.

all the best dearie=)
may you have the best for your future undertaking=)

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