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Monday, 13 February 2012 • 23:22 • 2 black leave(s)

again again again again again/////
no purpose no purpose no purpose////
posting benda alah ni.. ^_^

there's no much to be done.
and i got no interest on blogging at this moment..
the weather isn't so cool lately. it's too hot.
the most that i would do is counting every second until the result is released.
i wish i could just book as many tickets as i wish to travel anywhere i wanted to.

i wasnt allowed for any job application.. mcm mna nk kerja kn.. i cant even apply for it. haha. ayah and ibu wanted me to stay at home and enjoy my days until september...
but i didnt apart from having ample time for shopping. heee

give me a billion dollars please! i need it..

 i need to travel! urghh.

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