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Tuesday, 10 January 2012 • 23:57 • 4 black leave(s)

hey there.
oh freaking bored here.
i dont know what's going on for the next 8 months. seriously there's nothing much i can do. accepting the fact that school's over, is just awesome..but accepting the fact that i'm not doing anything, ohhhhh lalallalaa...haha..

universities application is now on..i'am pretty excited actually but somoehow while i was updating all those thingy, the server went wrong. ahhhlaaaa..i tried again just now, but still, i can't login through the online application. so, although my first attempt at filling those blank boxes hadn't got off to an awefully good start, I was determined to make up for it as soon as possible.
the  choices made:

B.A Hons Law -UM
B.A Hons Law -UKM
there're still 4 choices of universities left..but i make it blank for a while .

it's actually divided into two section where, UM, UKM, UPM, UTM, UIA, AND USM are in different category. while UITM, USIM, UNISZA and so bla bla are in the other side of the application.

*nodding enthusiastically please*

B.A Hons Law -UITM
B.A Hons Law -UUM

ade lagi 5 jugak yg saya blank kan..
i'll fill it in the second phase.

seriously, law has been my obsession for the past few years ever since i'm not capable of being a doctor.
ohh momma! i wanna be a lawyer. yes i want it badly.

ibu and ayah gt meeting tmrw. i'll be at home alone for a long period of time. ohh lalala..
i'll be cooking, googling, blogging, dancing, practising piano, etc.

am gnna finish Ali McNamara's novel...

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