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assalamualaikum=) hye..
as i grew up, i just realized there're countless ups and downs in my life..pros and cons etc..and Alhamdulillah today would be the most greatest gift that has been shown up ever. dear Amierah Nabillah, gadzillion thanks for the comment that you've posted in my previous post. well seriously we've to avoid from having a couple at this age. and i'm so proud of myself and Ameen that we've agreed to move a step backward which was settle down everything as a best friend and make studies as our main priority. he's currently doing A-level medicine and it's not easy to go through. we understand each other and i'll be persuing my degree in September insyaAllah.. we've decided this kind of decision to strengthen and take ourselves a step forward to be closed to our Creator. truth be told, it's not the right time yet to handle ourselves in this love matter since the bond between us and Allah are never strong enough. this would be the perfect moment to ensure my obligation towards Allah as a muslim=) the more we did mistakes the more we'll be breaking Allah rules. and indeed we'll be questioned in the world after. there's no problem between truly happy to be in this situation. we're happy with it and we know it's meant to be. there's no need to find one because the time will come as it has been note in the lohmahfuz. we're are now free and may Allah bless=)

it's nearly two and a half years's not easy to jump to this conclusion. Alhamdulillah :D
am so thankful as i be myself and am proud of him too=) we've disengaged  the title but insyaAllah there would be a strong relationship in another few years if it is destined. we're are now free and may Allah bless=)

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heyy, it's a great pleasure to have you here | i use manglish as my main language | i am a barrister who speaks for you in the court of I AM SYAZWINA's law. and yet i dont have any qualm about asking you to leave my page regarding whatever matters :) | i am a vociferous in ryhme! | :)

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