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behave ourselves!
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 • 22:03 • 4 black leave(s)

hey :D
this would be another random post!
i'd actually wanna write about the way we have to behave ourselves once we've gt caught in the so-called-love-matter.

lately, i saw such a large number of couples were on date. i mean everywhere. and mainly is about the unappropriate things. i don't care if Chinese, Indian, Christians holding hands, hugging in public but i care if Muslims did that.

YES! being together with non muhrim is totally wrong in Islam before we get married. however, there's nothing we can do if we've met someone at the young age. but! for those who're still single and available, coupling should be avoided in the first place. even when we don't think we'd ever get to great extents*thanks bella for reminding* hehe..

but we can do these kind of things:
1. avoid from having date(s) in what ever circumstances. just once a while.
2. no holding hands.
3. no huggings.
4. dont you dare to talk about sex!
5. inform your parents when ever you wanna meet him/her.
6. dont walk too close to each other.
7. etc.

there are lots of thing we can do. it's just us!. ourselves!
to everyone no matter who she/he is:
in my eyes, for those who keep on talking or taking chances on having a talk about sex is absolutly disrespectful. insane!
seriously we can change it if we want to. being as couple doesn't mean we can touch or hugs each other =)
pray to Allah and ask Him for forgiveness if you'd done that before.
limit is always remains as limit!

well, it's all you, friends.. change or beware with Allah's condemnation!

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